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Stone Massage Therapy  $105 80min 

The heat from Basalt stones used for placement on the body to bring you into a state of deep relaxation. Then Warm stones are used to massage away tension, helping your muscles relax, allowing it to release your deeper tension more effectively. All while offering warmth that goes through your

whole body.  Bliss!


Cupping Massage Therapy $80 60min

Massaging using 'cups'. They can be plastic or silicone. Not only does cupping Significantly Ease Muscle Tension, but it also: Relieves Inflammation, Stimulates Blood flow, Disperses Stagnation, Clears toxins, Expels Congestion, Sedates the Nervous System, Loosens Adhesions, Encourages Lymphatic Drainage.   Amazing results!!


Relaxation Massage $75 60min

The perfect massage to de-stress.  Perfect for those who just want to relax and maybe have a snooze, while having some tension eased. Main Oil used, Coconut Oil..

Back, Neck & Shoulders $45 30min 

This is an option for those with little time to spare. But needing to ease tension in either the top half or bottom half of your body.

Scalp, Neck & Shoulders $30 20min

Perfect for those working in Admin suffering tension headaches

Foot or Hand Massage $15 10min

We can underestimate the awesome feeling of having a relaxing hand or foot massage, until we have one.

Reflexology $60 45 min 

Reflexology is a treatment working on the feet or hands points that correspond to organs and systems of the body, balancing body systems and provides relaxation. Also a good alternative for those unable to receive direct pressure massage.


Any cancellations for treatments taking 30 minutes or more, require 12-24 hours notice. If claiming on a Gift Certificate, 50% of the cost will be deducted from that. 
All late appointments will mean a shorter treatment time. If you are later than 15 minutes for an appointment, Layeni Skin & Body reserves the right to forfeit your appointment. For first time clients: to avoid cutting into treatment time it is best to arrive 10 minutes prior to any massage or facial treatment, to complete the necessary intake form

Layeni Skin & Body reserve the right to ensure a 20% deposit be paid upon making a booking, to secure your appointment

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