Facial Treatments


Skin Analysis $0 - 10min

You can book in and get a thorough Skin Analysis with recommendations for the treatments and products that will benefit the most. No obligation. 


Bio-Hydrodermabrasion $105 per treatment. 45-60min

Pack of 6 Bio-Hydroderm only $495  down from $594 Buy 5 and get 6th FREE!

Bio-Hydrodermabrasion a step up from the classic Microdermabrasion. using diamond tip technology, vacuum to stimulate circulation and lymphatic drainage. Then combining it with aquafuse solutions that nourish and hydrate the skin while receiving a gentle exfoliation. 


Microneedling (CIT) Face $245 per treatment *Other areas prices vary

Significant reduction in Acne scarring, stretch marks, bring skin rejuvenation to the next level! Multiple Microneedles in a pen form penetrating to the Dermis, stimulates collagen and elastin renewal, and more 

Package of 6 $1470 Pay for 6 upfront: $1450 and receive the amazing Clinical Skincare Starter kit suited to your skin needs valued at $260 

Mango Enzyme Skin Treatment $110 40-50min 

A gentle peel, that is suitable for all skin types. Offering great hydration and skin immune-boosting ingredients. Clinical Skincare is second to none Australian Naturaceutical skincare range. 

Facial Treatment   $99 - 60min 

A treatment that will WOW! you. Due to the use of the  Highly active cosmeceutical products. You will receive Double cleanse, exfoliation, extractions (if needed) or mask, massage, serum infusion, moisturiser + SPF 30 


Target results Skin treatments: 30-45 min treatments  from $55

Blackheads be gone:  

An effective treatment using a combination of products and technology

to get rid of those unwanted little suckers, that seem to appear out of nowhere.

Soothe me: 

A focused treatment specifically to help with sensitive/ sensitised/rosacea skin.

Clear me:

A treatment using products and in some cases technology that help kill bacteria without drying the skin or causing irritation. Products used also help balance sebum production.

Bright Eyes:

Eye treatment: A lifting nourishing Eye treatment. Starting with a gentle cleanse and exfoliation, pressure point massage, Hyaluronic infusion Mask including the use of technology to infuse a higher % of the highly active ingredients in the mask. Then it is topped off with the beautiful peptide eye cream. 

Combine any of the above treatments with LED 

Add on to a Biohydroderm or 60 min Facial Treatment  and pay only $35

Full stand alone LED treatment only $85, this includes a double cleanse, moisturizer and sunscreen. 

Like to know more about LED just head to our Blog page, soon to be posted.  AMAZING!! 

Dermal Pen!! Another BRILLIANT!! Treatment, with more detailed information soon to be posted in Blog. 


All facial treatments include a thorough skin analysis.


Stone Massage Therapy  $95 80min  Not available spring/summer

The heat from Basalt stones used for placement on the body to bring you into a state of deep relaxation. Then Warm stones are used to massage away tension, helping your muscles relax, allowing it to release your deeper tension more effectively. All while offering warmth that goes through your

whole body.  Bliss!


Cupping Massage Therapy $75 60min

Massaging using 'cups'. They can be glass, plastic or silicone. Not only does cupping Significantly Ease Muscle Tension, but it also: Relieves Inflammation, Stimulates Blood flow, Disperses Stagnation, Clears toxins, Expels Congestion, Sedates the Nervous System, Loosens Adhesions, Encourages Lymphatic Drainage.   Amazing results!!


Relaxation Massage $67 60min

The perfect massage to de-stress.  Perfect for those who just want to relax and maybe have a snooze, while having some tension eased. Main Oil used, Coconut Oil.

Aromatherapy Massage $75 60min

A  relaxation massage that incorporates a unique blend of Aromatherapy oils specific to your needs. These oils will be blended just prior to your massage.

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage $40 30min 

This is an option for those with little time to spare. But needing to ease tension around the Neck, shoulders, and back. 

Foot Massage $15 10min

For those tired over-worked feet

Hand Massage $15 10min

We can underestimate the awesome feeling to have a relaxing hand massage until we receive one.

Scalp Massage $15 10min

Ahh.. Just pure bliss


Other treatments

Ear Candling   $40 40min  

A calming treatment to gently draw excess wax out of the ear.

A very beneficial treatment. Good for those who are about travel particularly by Plane.

Smoothing Back Treatment from $35  and from 20min  (extractions extra)

Great for those who need a great back exfoliation. Using Hydroxy Acids to get in and remove the dead skin and clear breakouts.

Reflexology Treatment $55 45 min 

Reflexology is a treatment working on the feet or hands points that correspond to organs and systems of the body, balancing body systems and provides relaxation. Also a good alternative for those unable to receive direct pressure massage.

 You can purchase your package of Skin treatments & amazing skincare range. Great NEWS!! You can now use AFTERPAY! 



Any cancellations for treatments taking 30 minutes or more, require 12-24 hours notice. If claiming on a Gift Certificate, 50% of the cost will be deducted from that. 
All late appointments will mean a shorter treatment time. If you are later than 15 minutes for an appointment, Layeni Skin & Body reserves the right to forfeit your appointment. For first time clients: to avoid cutting into treatment time it is best to arrive 10 minutes prior to any massage or facial treatment, to complete the necessary intake form