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The Miraculous benefits of Massage

Aches and Pains? Is that the only time you think, 'I need a massage'? Well, you are not alone, I want to just let you know about how good and important it is to get regular massage

The power of touch. Massage isn't just about getting pain relief and easing muscle tension, That is a big part, for sure, but there is more to it. It is innate in every person, that we thrive with loving touch. And if you have ever sat in one of those massage chairs in a shopping centre, or have an electric massager at home, you would know what I am talking about.

It is just NOT the same as going to a qualified, caring and gifted Massage Therapist. Caring human touch is, in itself, healing to the heart, mind and soul.

I had a not so nice experience I had with one massage many years ago. I booked in a 1/2 hour massage. I got to the clinic, went in the room which was cold. I got undressed and hopped on the bed. The therapist came in and I could feel her mood screaming out 'I don't want to be here'. She poured cold oil directly on my back. That just ruined it from the start I had no feelings of comfort or relaxation. Needless to say I never went back.

If you go to the right person, to receive a massage, it is completely worth the investment.

Along with the psychological benefits, massage also stimulates circulation, and lymph, it relaxes muscle fibres and can release trigger points, it warms, it sedates the nervous system, assists in detoxification, releases endorphin's to relax body and mind, keeps you supple and feeling healthier, encourages good sleep, and much more. Now who couldn't do with that every couple of weeks or so?

As previously stated, massage helps reduce stress, but that in turn encourages a stronger immune system.

Different types of massages for different needs.

If someone is essentially healthy, and has little tension, they will just love the relaxation, stone massage or cupping massage. Now Cupping massage and Stone massage also work at a deeper level. Thermal therapy through Stone massage is relaxing, while the heat from stones, enlivens the circulatory system, to a much higher degree. It releases and relaxes muscle fibres without too much pressure needed. This is a good alternative for those with arthritic pain, as the warmth from the stones, eases the pain. Cold stones are healing. After using hot stones, you then use cool stones in those areas of inflammation or injury. It flushes all old blood and fluid away, which then encourages the healing process. The thing is the patient won't feel the cold, it just feels nice and refreshing after warming the area with the Hot Stones.

Cupping Therapy is essentially a reverse pressure massage. I have to say this is my favourite, out of every other modality of massage. It can loosen adhesions so rapidly. It detoxifies at a higher degree, sedates the nervous system, helps boost your immune system and more.

All massages offered at Layeni Skin & Body have descriptions on the 'Treatments' page

And should always be in a calming warm environment. I hope you can get regular massages, the health benefits are just amazing!

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