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Why I chose Smitten as my retail range

Updated: May 27, 2023

When I first opened my business I started by renting a room in a hair salon, this going back more than a few years now. I had been looking for a good quality, natural, Australian made and owned Make-up range for quite a while. When I came across the Smitten Range, it looked like the best range. And the new Whipped products stood out for me as a first. I was very impressed with the testimonials on YouTube from some Make-up artists in America who use the Smitten products.

So, I called the Caroline (The CEO of Smitten Cosmetics) I was even more impressed with her friendly, helpful and down to earth attitude. She sent me some samples. I loved all of it. You don’t feel like you are even wearing make-up and it lasts so well. The Eye paints are amazingly pigmented, they don't transfer or smudge at all once they are dry. I can only describe them as silky smooth, the brushes are just so soft and luxurious. No enhancing the fine lines at all!

I could go on but I think you get the picture. Below is a bit more information about Smitten, from the CEO herself.

About Smitten

Smitten Cosmetics embodies all that is beautiful about women and aims to enrich the lives of those who use it by offering a stunning range of cosmetics that are natural-based, have active ingredients and are beautifully packaged. Smitten aims to provide truly effective products that reflect a focus on a natural origin yet combine scientific advances in modern skincare to provide for the changing needs of women.

I have proudly been stocking Smitten for over 5 years now. I didn't mention a few other reasons for stocking this amazing make-up range All natural, Australian, Cruelty free, Vegan. All foundations are like skin food and a good, safe product to use after Microdermabrasion and some other facial treatments.

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