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Your skin will love you for it....

Updated: Oct 11, 2021


It is important to cleanse 2x at night before bed. This ensures a thorough removal of the day’s dirt and pollution, plus allowing the night crème/serum to do its work fully, and to allow the skin to do all its needed restoration, cue the term ‘Beauty sleep’. Lather the cleanser and apply. Use circular motions gently, then remove with a cool cloth. Avoid using hot water as this can cause more inflammation, which then contributes to more issues. Avoid harsh cleansers that leave your skin feeling tight and stripped. Cleansers should be used purely for removing make-up and the dirt and pollution from the skin without stripping the skin’s natural lipids. Even if you have oily skin this is important.

Cleanse at least once in the morning to again removal of the excreted toxins overnight. And to ensure a clean canvas for the day products you need to apply afterwards.

Exfoliate 1-3 x per week. Avoid harsh scrubs they can create micro tears on the skin. It is best to use an exfoliant that is suited to your skin’s needs. The other options are Enzyme exfoliants and AHA’s These two are more beneficial as they gently remove the dead dulling skin by digesting the dead skin or dissolving the glue that holds onto the dead skin. This is more beneficial also as it works in a much gentler fashion while encouraging cell renewal.

Use of a toner/hydrator is under- valued. It is helpful for balancing the ph. level of the skin and for extra needed hydration. Again, different toners work for different skin conditions. Toners have in the past been used to remove residue cleanser as they were more mineral oil based and toners then contained the type of alcohol that removed those oils. So glad they are not around anymore.

Apply a small amount of Moisturiser (about a pea size amount) covering face neck and chest this is to keep the skin nourished throughout the day and night and contains ingredients that treat specific skin conditions one prescribed for your skin needs. Again even oily skins need a moisturiser, just one that is more hydrating without adding extra oil.

Eye creams: apply size of a grain of rice on the orbital bone. Don’t rub, just gently press. The skin around our eyes is more delicate so we need to be gentler.

All products recommended are chosen for you to target and treat your specific concerns. You need to use less as they are full of highly active ingredients, ingredients that penetrate where it is most beneficial. These products utilise nature enhanced by science, aimed at calming inflammation, which is the main cause of many skin issues.

First and foremost, if you can get in to see a Beauty/Dermal Therapist and experience a facial treatment to try out the products and get a feel for them, you will benefit. There are so many products out there and guessing for yourself can be a big money waster and leave you feeling frustrated. Potentially creating more skin issues. Be aware that initially when using new products that are full of highly active ingredients, you can experience more breakouts, and some other temporary changes. It won’t last.

Serums and Masques are very beneficial, but not essential. I will share more on this in my next post.

Any questions? Just message me and I will do my best to help you.

Just like the home-care products I recommend, I have different facial treatments that work for your skin condition/need.

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