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I don't know what to say just, COVID!

I was going to post more blogs on skincare hints and tips, but I felt this topic could not wait. It is more on my personal experience and feelings on COVID.

What do you feel when the word 'COVID' is spoken. Fear, anxiety, depression? Anger, frustration? I know I have felt all of these feelings. And the unsuredness Corona's ever evolving nature. Feeling at the mercy of this stinking virus! And catching myself blaming the irresponsible actions of a few, who contributed to a 2nd wave hitting Victoria like a freight train.

I have gone between, panic, to trust and rest in God. Gone between complaining about my situation to feeling guilty for complaining, when there so many more suffering much worse then myself.

Through our forced closure, I tried to keep all my amazing clients updated, tried to figure out more tech stuff (OMGosh! talk about stress!!), social media do's and don'ts and more. I got an online shop up and running with the help of an amazing Graphic designer. I have had some extremely helpful business mentoring. I tried to video some home wax treatments, to help people wax at home, or to at least provide some entertainment those just needing to chill for a few minutes, hopefully putting a smile on their faces. I wanted to do more, but it hasn't happened yet. (It will)

I watched many funny Lockdown' videos and online sermons, along with many webinars from large companies that supply products and equipment to those in the Beauty/Health industry. I adapted some new strategies and ideas, along with gaining more peace, knowing I can only do what I can do. Just to do my best and trust in God. There was a support network in the Hair/Beauty/Health industry that I didn't know before. And not just there but in the general business community, even the government! There has been plenty of good come out of this situation. (I could write a book on that ). Not just coz I got stuck into some handyman jobs, or got some painting done. (With help)

Putting those needed safety measures in place for COVID prevention had to be done last minute, before re-opening.

COVID seems to have set my OCD into overdrive, but then I think, No! As I feel we all needed to be more conscious of good hygiene practices. Even so, COVID or the CORONA VIRUS is spoken of so much, it is all we ever hear about these days. And, I have just had a 2nd test due to having some cold symptoms I just felt this very day. (Sunday). As a Business owner in the service industry, it is vital I ensure to not put anyone else at risk. I am certain that I am COVID free, but it would be irresponsible, and completely awful of me to not make sure, and put anyone's health at risk. I have put all other protocols in place, so how could I neglect the most important thing? I know in Tassie we haven't had any recorded cases for a long time. I will say though, I feel there has been a bit of complacency, and we cannot afford to get too complacent. It has been so nice to spend time with friends and family again. To have those small social gatherings we weren't able to have, for what seemed like forever. To go to a friend's house, or a cafe, feels pretty good, don't you think? And to be able to just get out, play sport, go back to the gym, and enjoy other leisure activities. For me to take my Granddaughter horse riding again and getting to church again is great,

If it did come back, it may end many more businesses, and with it create many more job losses. With which we could be seeing a tidal wave of Depression leading to an increased rate of suicide, domestic violence also. Also think about the elderly and those with underlying health issues, who are most vulnerable.

Feel free to be a bit selfish also, in the way that we don't want to be stuck at home again and not be able to enjoy small gatherings or getting our hair or waxing done, having a massage or a facial, getting out to a cafe, or just sitting at the beach or going to the park.

I apologise for negative, or what might be considered, 'fearful' talk, as we here in Tassie have been doing well on the whole. I am hoping that this will just keep us vigilant, helping us all to keep up with the healthy practices, and in most situations, the physical distancing. COVID is a freakin stressful word, so we need to keep being vigilant, to not let it come back as a 2nd wave to this stunning little island. In saying that, let us keep up or don't neglect the self care that keeps our immune systems strong and our spirits up. This self care can be the gym or walk outside in the fresh air, on a regular basis. The hair cut, the nice Facial treatment that clears and calms and gives our skin a luscious glow. Massages, Reflexology, and yes, LED are another 3 treatments that relax and calm, and in turn help our general health and well being.

I want to thank all my clients for coming back and supporting me.

Oh and Monday I got a text to say I had a negative result from the test. That is one test I definitely want to be negative. STAY WELL STAY SAFE! Donna x

Our body hair may have got thicker, but it was better than many more getting sicker.

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