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I have learned so much as a Small Business owner. Made so many mistakes, jumped the gun. Had insecurities leading me to entrust things to others that I never needed to. this has been a costly learning curve, but I am thankful to still be here, while having learned from it all. The passion I have for the beauty/skin industry, balancing it with running a business, can seem like tightrope walking over Niagara falls. And we all have our personal lives that can be more unpredictable then the economy right now.

As much as I have such a passion to offer my clients treatments that give more radical long lasting results with the latest and greatest technology, I have the dilemma of: 'If I invest in the equipment that provides these most amazing results, will I get enough business to pay for the equipment, and not put myself back into debt?' The treatments I am referring to are: Permanent Hair reduction, Skin Tightening, Fast reduction of Acne, capillaries and the like. While I offer Needling and LED, which are amazing for the treatment of Capillaries, Acne, Scarring, while Healing Rejuvenating and so much more. They can't do everything. And as a Dermal Therapist I would love to be able to offer more. Giving clients more 'bang for their buck' so to speak. Then weighing up what will be the most popular, so I won't be struggling to pay for it each week. I like knowing that waxing is still a big help.

The skincare range used and sold here at Layeni, is developed by one of the most dedicated knowlegable women in the industry. It is Australian, cruelty free, a highly active range that sources the purest ingredients specific to differing skin conditions. And their ethos: inflammation is the reason for many skin issues, so all their products are aimed at calming inflammation in the skin, while catering for all skin types and conditions.Their technology is 2nd to none. On that note many clients who have started on these products have continued to remain with them. They have seen and felt the results. So while I aim to be able to offer the hard hitting treatments. I am very confident in the treatments and products I currently offer. Series of treaments and a consistant good homecare routine will prevent the need for certain treatments, not to mention potentially deadly outcomes with lack of sun protection. Donna

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