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Stops build up Bacteria and helps avoid Spots, Skin Abscesses, Infection and Cold Sores.

<strong>Washes and Dries Makeup Brushes in Under 30 Seconds
</strong>No more labouring over hand washing brushes and waiting hours fro them to dry. Leaves them clean and dry in under 30 seconds, ready to use.

<strong>Works with Both Synthetic and Natural Hair Brushes
</strong>Washes and dries both natural and synthetic hair brushes. Leaving them ready to use straight away.

<b>Unbreakable Tritan Bowl
</b>The bowl is made from unbreakable Tritan, which is also dishwasher safe, which saves time hand washing the bowl afterwards and no more worrying about dropping it.

<b>8 Flexible Silicone Collars
</b>The range of collars means that there will be a collar to fit all standard style makeup brushes.

<strong>Brush Cleaning Concentrate
</strong>This organic liquid solution is made from a blend of natural vegetable oils. When mixed with warm water it is a powerful cleaning agent for your makeup brushes in a natural way. Your brushes will be clean and soft in about a minute.
 <li>No Nasties</li>
 <li>SLS and Paraben FREE</li>
 <li>Gentle on your brushes and our waterways</li>
 <li>Long lasting concentrate solution</li>
 <li>Natural botanical oils</li>

Brush Cleaning Device Set

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