EGF-DNA rich, but lightweight, serums and daily repair concentrates contain important proteins, DNA and Epidermal Growth Factors plus Botanical Essences, to aid in the quick turnover of cells. Epidermal Growth formulations help the skin to recover and rebuild by providing some of the raw materials to accelerate new cell growth without causing added stress to the skin. It is essential to use this concentrated serum or creme when using any Glycolic Polymer Cremes or after skincare peels, microdermabrasion or laser resurfacing treatments.

EGF-DNA Recovery Serum

  • Epidermal Growth Factor technology is a protein with a high rate of cellular renewal and balance.

    EGF-DNA helps regeneration, reduction of inflammation and supplements support for healing. This natural moisturizing solution contains ingredients essential for all skin types, helps prevent dryness, enhances elasticity and most importantly, supports your skin’s normal immune function and hormonal balance.

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