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Rejuvenate Serum is deeply moisturising, it stimulates the skin, protects and  regenerates. It is a  100% natural botanical face serum is Anti-Aging and will  keep your  skin soft and supple.
<h2>Vitamins for the Skin</h2>
The high content of omega, 3 and 6, can help aid in tissue regeneration helping to smooth fine lines, gives elasticity to the skin and help slow the skin from ageing. This amazing serum features Rosehip, Jojoba and Vitamin E amongst other amazing botanical oils.
<h3>Jewel of the Range</h3>
We refer to this amazing 'liquid gold' as the "jewel of the range."  It is in our top 5 best sellers and is well loved by our #smittentribe. It's suitable for all ages an