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For sensitive skins and to help treat conditions like Rosacea, Couperose skins and very dry or sensitive skins. Recommended for  Sensitive skins, Rosacea, Couperose skins and very dry skin types. Rosaderm Creme is necessary for anyone with irritations caused by peeling, wind, sun, cold, laser, dermabrasion, chemical peelings or sunburn.


  • Alleviates discomfort after peels or laser hair removal
  • Decreases appearance of dilated capillaries (couperose)
  • Treats conditions associated with photo-aged skin or acne rosacea

Rosaderm Repair Creme

  • Rosacea and sensitive skin is like a mirror, which quickly reflects all the effects of emotion, stress, fatigue, over-exposure to the sun, cold, tobacco, illness, chemicals, soaps and pollution. Rosaderm Creme offers a perfectly occlusive film for the protection needed after bursting of the horny layer. It enhances quality tissue generated in the healing process. It is a soft comfortable creme designed to soothe, soften, protect and minimise redness. Strengthens fragile capillaries and prevents sensitivity.